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Amistad House 3

Amistad House 3

While visiting the town of Plymouth, North Carolina earlier this January, we had the pleasure of seeing the Amistad House. This building is one of the oldest buildings in town and once served as the African American Cultural Center.
It also was part of the Underground Railroad. According to Harry Thompson, a restorer of old homes, "This house was developed as a stop on the underground railroad and the slaves would hide out in the basement of this house until the Armsteads, a New England family of a shippers and abolitionists, had a ship leaving to go back to New England then they had a tunnel built from this house to the river. Slaves went down that tunnel, jumped on the ship, threw the ropes off and were gone in 15 minutes."
One of my favorite things to photograph are windows and doors. The older and more lopsided the better. This house provided plenty of them and each seemed to have a personality of it's own. Do you have a favorite one? I do. I am curious to see which one gets the most likes and if you like the same one I do.

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