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Event Speaker

Devotional and a Slideshow     $50*

This is a 20-45 minute devotional and slideshow.  

The devotional can be determined one of two ways.  You can give me a theme or verse that fits your event. Or, I can present one that through prayer I have discerned God wants me to share with you.  All devotions are from a conservative Christian worldview and are closely tied to scripture. 

The slideshow uses pictures I have taken to both emphasis the devotional and to encourage participants to enter into a time of worship of God and Jesus Christ.

Photography Skills and Slideshow     $50*

This is a 20-45 minute presentation of photography skills and a slideshow.

The presentation topic is one that we have agreed upon beforehand.  It can range from basic photography knowledge, to a lesson on a specific photography skill, to a presentation about a  location or subject I have photographed.

The slideshow is used to highlight what is being presented and will include images from my portfolio. 

Presentations requiring more than 45 minutes may be negotiated.

Multiple Session Events     $varies*

I am available to do multiple session events.  It can be a mixture of devotional and photography skills presentations.  It may also include interactive, hands-on educational opportunities for the participants.

Price is negotiable and is determined by number and length of sessions.  Other factors which may affect price includes travel, food, and lodging costs for events more than 50 miles from my home.

* Special pricing available on presentations for schools, teachers, and churches. Please contact us for more information.

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