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Fine Art Prints

All the photography comes in standard sizes that prevent the image from having to be altered or cropped when being printed.  This allows you to enjoy the full picture of the Wow God Moment without losing some of the image to a non-standard print size.  If you are looking to fit a special frame size, it is best to chose the print size below the size of your frame and then have the matting cut to the frame size.  This leaves you with both a professional and beautiful piece of artwork for your walls.  If you have questions about a print size you do not see here, please contact us and we would be glad to assist you.

Paper Prints

Prints that fit common frame sizes.  Lustre premium finish on a heavier paper offers the vibrant colors of glossy with the fingerprint-resistant finish of matte.  Printed on Kodak Supra Endura paper.

                   8"x12"                    $11.40*

                  12"x18"                   $23.30*

                  16"x24"                  $66.90*

                   24"x36"                $147.55*

* Special pricing available on paper prints for schools, teachers, and churches.

Please contact us for more information.


The canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame with part of the photo visible on the sides of the frame.

                  12"x18"                  $167.60

                  16"x24"                 $228.55

                  24"x36"                $370.00

                  30"x45"                $555.00

                  40"x60"                $783.55


Dyes are infused directly into a specially-coated aluminum sheet to create a print with incredible luminescence, detail, and durability.  Brilliant high gloss surface that shows every detail.

                    12"x18"                 $109.95

                   16"x24"                  $194.80

                    24"x36"                $432.05

                    30"x45"                $744.35

                    40"x60"               $1,308.10

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