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Description and Pricing

I am a big fan of encouraging other photographers.  I most certainly do not know everything.  Not even close.  I have, however, learned many things through the kindness of other photographers, through workshops, through camera clubs, and from plain old trail and error. 

I adhere to two commitments for my coaching.  1.) I only coach one-on-one or in small groups of no more than 3 participants.  2.) I only teach on techniques I use and subjects I photograph.  If you look through my website and you like the photography you see, that is what you can expect to learn from me.

Coaching Pricing

 I have been the photographer who wanted to attend workshops, classes, and photography tours, but could not afford the expense of a high-priced photography workshop, plus food, travel, and lodging.  For this reason, I am offering photography coaching at prices that I hope will allow others to both learn and enjoy photography like I do.  Below you will find the suggested price for a coaching session.  However, the true price is "pay what you can."  Here is how it works.  You have 3 options.

Pay what you can

pay an amount that is fair to your budget

Pay with your time

volunteer to assist in another coaching session

Pay it forward

donate extra so others can be coached

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