Dawson, Georgia - DawnitaHall

Dawson, Georgia

8 December 2016

I am standing two light posts down

on the northwest side of the

Lee Street and Jefferson intersection.  

GPS Coordinates

31°46'25" N 84°26'47" W

Photography during the Christmas season always has me wanting to go exploring the lights and decorations through out the small towns near where I live. It brings back happy memories of my childhood growing up in Burkburnett, Texas. 

This particular picture was taken in downtown Dawson, Georgia December 12, 2011. The building in this picture is the Terrell County Courthouse. 

Go out one evening this Christmas season with a few friends and takes some pictures of your town's Christmas decorations. Scenes that normally make boring photographs often come alive this time of year. Besides, even if you don't walk away with a killer image, at least you have been out enjoying the beauty of your town and the pleasure of having such awesome friends. You can't lose, really.

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