Chincoteague, Virginia - DawnitaHall

Chincoteague, Virginia

17 November 2016

This picture was taken from a parking lot off of East Side Road on Chincoteague Island.

GPS Coordinates

37°55'4" N 75°22'17" W.

I was realizing today that I have been blessed with the opportunity to take pictures in some really awesome places. So on Thursdays, I am going to try sharing with you some of the places I have taken pictures along with a picture that came from that location. Maybe it will give you ideas of places you can go to explore God's creation. To start out, we will begin with my first big photography trip.

It was in November 2008. I had the chance to go to Chincoteague Island in Virginia. Most photographers spend their time over on Assateague Island State Park capturing images of the plethora of migratory birds that can seen there during this time of year. Not being one that likes to be where everyone else is, getting the same pictures everyone else is, I found it enjoyable to explore the fishing village of Chincoteague. While doing so, I realized I could get a picture of Assateague Lighthouse from one of the piers facing the State Park. This seagull agreed to be interesting foreground for me.

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