Audubon Swamp, Charleston, South Carolina - DawnitaHall

Audubon Swamp, Charleston, South Carolina

22 May 2017

The swamp sparrow spends most of its time among the tall grass searching for its next meal.

32°52'19" N

80°5'16" W

Throughout the overgrown grass of the swamp is a diverse ecology of its own.  One of the residents you will find there is the swamp sparrow.  They are best seen early in the morning when they are more likely to be eating bugs at the tops of the swamp grass.  As the day grows warmer and brighter, they will retreat to the floor of the swamp and are often harder to locate and photograph.  They blend in well, but their one note musical trill usually gives you a clue of where to watch for them.  Even if you do not see them, keep looking in that area.  They may be hiding behind some grass, but will move into the open as they chase their dinner.

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