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Hot Off the Press

9 May 2017

I just got my Spring 2017 Camera in the Wild magazine and there it was--the article I wrote about how to use two composition styles in nature photography.  YAY!!!

Camera in the Wild is the quarterly magazine for the Carolina Nature Photographers Association (CNPA).  The CNPA is a nature photography group that has members across North and South Carolina.  There are approximately 1200 members and 12 regional groups.  CNPA is a great organization of nature photographers who collaborate and encourage each other in using our photography for preserve nature.  I, personally love to recommend the CNPA because it is full of great people who have amazing skills that they are generous in sharing with others.  It is for these reasons that I am honored to have an article in the Spring 2017 quarterly magazine.

Thanks for joining me in a little "YAY!!!" dance.   It was fun to see my article in print.  Blogging is one thing.  I can say what I want because it is my page and if you don't like it, oh well.  Writing the article for photography peers and colleagues who range from the hobbyist to the professional caused me to stretch my wings a little.  It felt good and was worth the effort.  Definitely a skill I want to keep honing.  

Now off the the next adventure!

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