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Experience the Wow God Moments

6 May 2017

Finally!  You too can Experience the Wow God Moments.

I am happy to announce that after much dreaming, praying, and preparation, I now have a section of my website that is devoted to how you can experience your own Wow God Moments. This section of the website explains how you can receive coaching in the type of photography that I do.  It also gives details on what I can offer your small group, ladies' tea, or retreat in the way of devotionals, photography skill how to, and a slideshow.  

I am also excited because this area of my website is where I am offering new products and services.  The two newest services I am offering are unique photo essays that capture special parts of your life-- home and garden, and pets.  Each of these services allows you to have one-of-a-kind, personalized works of art that showcase the things you love.  So whether you want a magazine quality photoshoot of your home and garden or a photojournalistic slideshow of a day in the life of your pet, I have what you have been looking for.

As I have new products, services, and coaching opportunities, they will be listed in the "Experiencing the Wow God Moments" of my website.  So visit it often.  Share with your friends and family on social media how they too can experience Wow God Moments.  Tell me what you think of what I am offering and what you would like to see.  But most of all, pray that through all that I am offering, God is glorified as we each stop to experience the many Wow God Moments He has placed around us.

As always, thanks for your encouragement and for sharing my website with others.

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