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Exciting News!

23 May 2019

Handsome and I are going on a mission trip with our church this July to Guatemala! 

WHAT! THAT IS ONLY TWO MONTHS AWAY!  Yes, that is crazy, isn't it? 

We just found out about the trip this past Sunday. Now we are working hard to pull together all the details, but we need help from you. I have amazing friends and family so I know you are willing to help us pull this off. Here are two ways you can help.

Hero Level 1

Buy a 12x18 metal print from my website. These prints are created by tiny fairies that magically infuse the vibrant dyes into the specially-coated aluminum sheet that was forged by dwarves in the Blue Mountains of Middle Earth (Or they could possibly be done through technology at the printers, but my story sounds better.) These are my favorite types of prints because it makes the images stand out in both color and detail. Not to mention, these things are very durable, easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and come ready to hang with no frame required. Normally these prints are $109, but dwarves were willing to give us a discount since the mission trip is to the volcanic region of Guatemala. For the next 2 months these amazing metal prints are only $75.

To get your's, go to any of The Wow God Moments images.  Find your favorite image.  Click on it.  You will see at the bottom right of the screen, a brown BUY button.  Click on it and follow the instructions.  If you find this more technology than you want to deal with, I understand.  Just contact me and we will work things out in as old fashioned of a way as possible.

Hero Level 2

I am opening some private coaching slots for those looking to take their summer photography hobby to the next level. These private coaching slots are set up for people like me. You don't have to be silly like me, but maybe you are not a gear-head and technical lingo taught in classroom settings and workshops with other participants is not your thing. (Let me hear you say, "AMEN!!!") Like you, I prefer to minimize any embarrassment and awkwardness by finding mentors or coaches that will specially craft learning experiences for my skill level, my learning styles, and my speed of mastery. I assume there are others like me so that is how I like to share my photography knowledge with others. 

Here are a few of the coaching sessions that are available. Some of these can be done through Skype. 

Introduction to Using My Camera--1 unit 

How To Use the Digital Darkroom Adobe Lightroom--1 unit

Advanced Adobe Lightroom Processing--1 unit 

How to Shoot in Manual Mode--3 units 

My Favorite Things:

     Learning the Basics of Pet Photography--1 unit

     Learning the Basics of Bird Photography--1 unit

     Learning the Basics of Macro Photography--1 unit

     Learning the Basics of Nature/Landscape Photography--1 unit

     Learning the Basics of Architecture Photography--1 unit...

     ...you get the idea...what is your favorite thing to photograph? I just don't do people photography. Sorry!

Each unit of class is $75 and is taught for mastery, not limited to a specific length of class. 

To learn more about the photography coaching, please visit my Personalized Coaching Page.

Thanks again, everyone for helping us go on this mission trip to Guatemala. 

If you have any questions, please contact me.  I will be happy to assist you.

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