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Dawnita's Bright Ideas

22 November 2016

So here are some of the things I am working on this week:

--My signature can now be added to printed pictures upon request.

--I have returned to working on memorizing Psalm 119. Maybe this time I will actually memorize the whole thing.

--I am still working on the Lightbox Photography Card challenges. Right now, I am looking for somewhere to take pictures of machinery gears and parts. If anyone knows of a good place, please drop me a note on Facebook or through email at DawnitaHall@gmail.com.

--Handsome and I are on week 3 of doing a special exercise plan created for us by Jon Haas at WarriorFitness.org. It is kicking our tooshies, but we are seeing progress. Most important lesson learned so far: Don't let yourself become so out of shape! I highly recommend him as a fitness coach.

--The Christmas discount is still available to anyone who is ordering prints. It is a savings of 25%. Just use discount code Noel2016.

--I am working on using Facebook more effectively. The biggest challenge is being consistent in posting interesting photography related content. Currently, I am using the free version of HootSuite to help me organize the release of my Facebook posts.

--Still looking for a few people who will commit to praying for me and Dawnita Hall Photography. I think this is one of the most important things that can be done to make sure I am doing everything to glorify God and not myself.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, please let me know on Facebook or by email at DawnitaHall@gmail.com. Thanks for all the encouraging notes you have been sending me and for sharing what I post with others. I appreciate each of you!

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