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Entries for the Coastal Carolina State Fair 2016

Entries for the CNPA 2017 Member's Choice Awards

This past Saturday was a very busy day for me! Exciting, but busy!

First, I went to the Coastal Carolina Fair to drop off 3 pictures for the photo contest. I guess because the Coastal Carolina Fair is a regional fair, they do not have as many entries. This means that my images will be competing against portraits, still life, and abstracts...Most competitions tend to divide images by broad categories so that plants compete against plants, portraits against portraits, and so on. The only division choices I had were professional or amateur and color or black and white. So mine are entered in the professional color competition. I am curious to see how my images hold up when compared to such an eclectic collection of photographs.

I also entered 6 pictures into the 2017 CNPA Member's Choice contest. These will be voted on by Carolina Nature Photography Association members in both North and South Carolina with the winners being announced at the annual meeting in February of 2017. In this contest, I have 5 images competing in the plant category and 1 image competing in the landscape category. I know the caliber of photographers in the CNPA and I expect the competition to be fierce. I do not foresee winning in this competition, but contests are a valuable learning experience that gives you feedback outside of the generous opinions of family and friends.

In both competitions, I entered my pictures in the professional category. I have been doing this for several years, even before I was a professional. When given the choice, I always elect to compete against the professionals, because I want learn how my images are doing at that level. It is a bit nerve wracking, but I want to make sure I am stretching myself to improve as a photographer.

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