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What is Your Christmas Wish?

12 December 2016

In 2012, Virginia Tech Inn in Blacksburg, Virginia had their annual Christmas tree decorating contest. I went to take pictures of the decorations and was totally captivated by a tree called the Wish Tree. On the tree were Christmas wishes. Many of them written by kids. I got several great pictures. Two of the wishes broke my heart. One was this wish placed on the tree:


The other one that broke my heart was this one. I see sadness, irony, and even humor in this image. First the irony, while some of us are wishing for the next fun, expensive toy, there are dear children who would love nothing better than to wake up to family members at peace with each other. That bring me to the sad part. How horrible is it that a child has to wish for something that should be a given. Whether a child is facing abuse, family conflict, health issues, I can't help but shed tears to think that they have to spend time wishing for things I take for granted instead of fun things. And that leads me to the humor in this picture. The child wished for the family to stop fighting OR for a golden retriever puppy, because we all know that a puppy will make you feel loved even when the rest of your world is total chaos and stress.

I sure hope this child got what they wished for. I also pray that each of us stops to consider two things this Christmas. 1.) Are we contributing to a child having to waste a wish on something that should be a given? If so, let's get our act together. It may be the best gift you can give them. 2.) What can we do to show love in the dark places this holiday season? We may be wishing for the next new, expensive toy, but someone around us is wishing for something that costs no money. Can we be the one to give that gift and make their Christmas great?

God bless, and Merry Christmas!

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