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Magnolia Plantation Garden and Audubon Swamp Garden--to a nature photographer, those words describe a divine place full of flowers, beautiful bridges, birds, and gators. I spent most of today walking through the area. This is my third visit there and each time I enjoy the beauty and walk away with several images that I think are noteworthy. I promise to post some of those images in the next week, but first I want to post the one that I find the most interesting...poop!

Yes, I admit it. I am fascinated by poop. Not your poop. Don't start sending me pictures of human feces as a gesture of good will. Instead, send cash. No, I am talking about critter poop. As if it isn't amazing enough that God created the world in 6 days and made each type of critter unique, He even created them so they can be identified by their unique poop product. Seriously! Talk about attention to detail. God thought of everything and somehow species specific poop was one of those things.

Now that you know I am an admirer of critter poop, I will also admit that I don't know what kind of critter poop this is. So I turn to my wise and knowledgable friends to see if anyone can identify the critter that left this poop art on this leaf in the Audubon Swamp Garden. Thanks in advance.

*The mystery has been solved. It appears to be white-tailed deer poop that has been altered slightly due to the environmental conditions.

**I bet you came into this section of a fine art website never expecting to learn I am interested in critter potty talk, but there it is. At least, you know I am keeping it real.

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