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Mr. Exterminator

September 15, 2016

This last week, we had a skink living on our premises. Specifically, he lived and dined in the kitchen under the stove. This was a nice safe location for him that allowed him to work without the distractions of our four furbabies. The cats, Hadassah and Kona, would occasionally visit him and ask him to come out and play. However, Mr. Exterminator took his job of hunting and devouring insects very seriously.

After a week of hard work, he did come out to play only to find the cats napping. However the dogs, Marco and Matilda gladly joined Mr. Exterminator in a game of chase under the kitchen table. Realizing how hard Mr. Exterminator had worked all week, I felt it is was only fair to reward Mr. Exterminator by moving him to the front porch where he could bask in the warm sunlight.

As a thank you, he posed for his Employee of the Week picture before running off to his next job. Thanks again, Mr. Exterminator. If you ever need a letter of recommendation from a former employer, I will be glad to write one for you.

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