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Morning Walk

September 2016

I found more lovely mushrooms on my walk this morning. I decided to take the longer, unpaved path around the park and was pleased to find these beauties alongside the path. There were many more mushrooms out there, but these were the only ones I got pictures of. Some were too far off the beaten path, which park rules say you have to stick to. All were guarded by rabid mosquitos that seemed to enjoy feasting on bug spray covered human flesh. All that to say, I was a bit limited in my photographic opportunities.

There is an area of the park that I have dubbed Woodpecker Woods, because I can always hear woodpeckers stirring up their morning snack in that area. Today, I had the fortune of also getting to watch a pileated woodpecker find a cache of insects at two different trees. Unfortunately, he was not close enough for my camera phone to get a reasonably good picture of him, so you will just have to take my word on it.

The funny thing is that I was trying to weasel out of my walk this morning and it ended up being my best morning walk so far. Next time I am tempted to be lazy and stay home, I need to remember the beauty of God's creation that is my gym.

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