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Common, Yet New to Me

One of the joys--there are so many--of doing nature photography is seeing something you have never seen before. In this case, it was a long-tailed skipper butterfly (Urbanus proteus).

According to the research I did after I captured this image last weekend at Magnolia Plantation, the long-tailed skipper butterfly is one of the most common skipper butterflies in the southeast. Maybe I have seen one before and I don't remember it. Or, the most likely explanation is that I did not notice it before this particular time. Looking through a camera has a way of helping me see less and notice more.

Just this morning, God pointed out to me that the same is true when I take time to do Bible study. I am easily distracted during my Bible study time and God has been working on this with me. The more I close out all the things going on around me and the more I commit to narrowing my "view" to what I am reading or praying, the more I see things I have not noticed before or things that I have forgotten and need to remember.

This picture isn't the best for showing the long-tailed skipper butterfly. The extra flower cluster is in an annoying spot, the flowers are fading, and the wing is casting a shadow across the butterfly. I will be looking for more opportunities to get a pleasing image of this butterfly, because now I know what I am looking for.

What else will I discover as I continue to learn the skill of seeing less and noticing more?

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