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A Rough Week

The week started out so nicely. A lovely date with Handsome to the beach on Sunday. Monday morning, personal Bible study time and setting up the calendar for the week. I spent an hour working through some ideas for where I want to go with my photography. Did some talking with God about it and then I wrote 3 words...

I can't say that the rest of my week was horrible. It wasn't. It was just a week full of "those" days. You know the days I am talking about. Days where you wake up feeling grumpy and you aren't sure why. Days where you can't seem to get anything on the to do list done, because everything and everyone seems to have a different agenda for your day. Days where you just don't feel good, but you can't pinpoint any real illness or problem. Has anyone else had days like these or am I the only one? At the end of each of these days, I would sit down to do those 3 words and find myself exhausted, frustrated, and incapable of completing the task. So instead, I would crawl into bed, ready to cry for no good reason, and read a book until sleep claimed me. Meanwhile, reassuring myself that "tomorrow I will do it."

Well, here I am, at the end of the week and I am totally spent. I am so spent that the simple task of feeding my furbabies had me wiping away tears. (Crying over feeding my furbabies is not the norm, in case anyone was wondering.) But I must do those 3 words. I must! I finally realized today that the craziness of this week has been by design. Those 3 words had scared Satan into action. He knew that the 3 words would impact my photography in ways that he did not want. So he set out to distract me, by getting me to focus on everything but the most important things. I will admit it. It worked. And by the end of the week, I felt like the kitten in this picture--crying and running away from everyone. But enough is enough. I have 3 hours until this week is officially over and I will...

"Blog Prayer List," that is my 3 word day planner shorthand that translates to this. I am spending September 2016 through September 2017 prayerfully considering God's will for my life. This includes everything from my spiritual walk, my health, my photography, and only God knows what else. However, to make sure this Year of Preparation, as I like to call it, is successful, God and I discussed on Monday how I need people who will commit to praying for me and Dawnita Hall Photography on a regular basis. People who will both encourage me and challenge me with God's word. I am usually a pretty private person. I don't like asking for help, but God pointed out that if Dawnita Hall Photography (and Dawn) are going to be what (and who) He intends for us to be, I need to surround myself with Prayer Warriors.

So there it is. If you would like to commit to pray for Dawnita Hall Photography and me on a regular basis, I invite you to do so. I will be trying to email out a short list of ways you can pray for me and Dawnita Hall Photography on weekly basis. To get on this email list, simply email me at DawnitaHall@gmail.com and let me know your are interested in receiving these weekly pray lists through September 2017. Please pray about this and ask God if this is a commitment He wants you to make. If so, great! If not, great! Instead, pray for me when He brings me to your mind or when you see one of my pictures on your Facebook newsfeed. Either way, your prayers are appreciated. Thanks in advance to each of you.

In closing, even though I still have half of this week's to do list unaccomplished, I am sure I will sleep better tonight knowing that I can now check off those 3 words..."Blog Pray List".

Good night and God bless to each of you!

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