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A Photographer's Motivational To Do List

I don't know about you, but there are some days that I feel stuck as an photographer, much like this doll in the jar. This can come from a feeling of being overwhelmed with life's daily to do list. It can also happen when I am bored and want to do something related to photography but can't figure out what. Then there are those times when I have absolutely no motivation so I stand in front of my computer wasting a whole day on the junkfood of social media, Youtube, and watching a sitcom for the third time. Worst of all, at least for me, are those times when I start spending too much time in my office in front of the computer and I am on the verge of cabin fever setting in. It is not pretty when cabin fever sets in and with winter quickly approaching, I knew I needed to do something to plan ahead. I decided to come up with a list of motivational ideas so I will be ready the next time one of these situations comes up and threatens to stymie me as a photographer.

The Artist's Motivational To Do List (in no particular order):

1. Write a blog.

2. Keyword some photos.

3. Tag photos with the coordinates of where they were photographed.

4. Find those darn pictures that I somehow lost in Lightroom. [!] Am I the only photographer that regularly does this? I know how to undo it, I just need to take the time to do so.

5. Promote another artist.

6. Talk to my church, a civic club, or a public service location like the Senior Citizen Center or the Library about ideas for bringing art into what they are doing.

7. Design some new business cards.

8. Take some pictures.

9. Work on a shoot idea list.

10. Write ideas for blog posts.

11. Watch CreativeLIVE videos

12. Read a book about photography, art, business...

13. Look at great photography in a book, stock photography site, or another artist's website.

14. Set up future HootSuite posts.

15. Update my website.

16. Do in-depth research about a shooting location.

17. Plan an outing or photowalk.

18. Go on an outing or photowalk.

19. Go to my "go to" place. When I lived in Charlotte, NC, it was Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. In Albany, GA, it was Chehaw Park. Here in Charleston, SC, it is Magnolia Plantation and Audubon Swamp.

20. Work through a marketing strategy I have learned about.

21. Pray.

22. Spend some time in Bible study researching a specific idea.

23. Write an encouraging note to another artist.

24. Go for a walk or do some exercise.

25. Break out the coloring materials and the coloring books.

26. Do a craft.

27. Visit a paint your own pottery store.

28. Find out how to submit an article to a magazine.

29. Play fetch with the dogs.

30. Review my website's Google Analytics statistics.

31. Review my website's SmugMug provided statistics.

32. Learn a new photo skill. 33. Watch a Youtube lesson on an art technique.

34. Watch a Creative LIVE show.

35. Create a survey and ask a few people to complete it for me.

36. Research places to show my work.

37. Visit an art gallery.

38. Walk around a craft store.

39. Process some old pictures in Lightroom or Photoshop.

40. Post some pictures to my website.

41. Respond to people who have commented on my photography.

42. Clean out my email.

43. Learn how to better use social media platforms.

44. Set up a social media plan.

45. Study another artist.

46. Create a picture that is inspired by another artist's work.

47. Create a portfolio for a specific location or purpose.

48. Find another artists willing to review my portfolio and give me feedback.

49. Read a professional magazine.

50. Enter a professional level contest.

51. Research professional organizations, membership fees, and weigh the pros and cons of joining the organization.

52. Sit in a relaxing or inspirational place and just watch. No creating. Just sit and watch.

53. Find someone who will let me show them what I did today, what I have accomplished on a project, or will listen to the details of something I am dreaming of doing.

54. Pick a card from the Lightbox Photography Cards and complete it.

55. Randomly get something from around the house or yard and figure out a creative way to photograph it.

56. Go to a photography club meeting.

57. Go out shooting with a friend.

58. Go to a favorite sunset or a sunrise location.

59. Use "The Photographer's Ephemeris" app to scout out possible shooting locations.

60. Go to my favorite office away from the office and do some work there. Currently, that is my local Chick-fil-A.

61. Call and talk to one of my "cheerleaders."

62. Take a short nap.

That is all I have right now. As you can see, some of these are specific to me, but I hope that this gives you some ideas for ways you can make your own motivational to do list whether you are a photographer or a different type of artist. If you have some ideas for me that I haven't thought of, I would love to hear from you. You can send those to me on Facebook (Dawnita Hall) or you can email me at DawnitaHall@gmail.com.

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