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Sue McKeithan

Her photography can be found on

Her paper craft and vinyl can be found on her Facebook page at Sue Guarino McKeithan.

Artists Specialties:

Sue is both an amazing photographer and a talented craftsman. She does nature photography and she makes a wide range of gifts and cards that showcase her paper craft and vinyl skills.

Why I chose to highlight Sue:

Sue is such a beautiful person. It was very interesting listening to her talk about what motivates her when it comes to the art she creates. Whether it be photography, paper crafts, vinyl, everything always comes back to how she can make someone smile or her sharing her experience with someone else. If it is photography, she doesn’t want you to just see where she has been, she wants you to feel what she felt. If it is a paper craft or vinyl, she is making it because it is her way of saying she loves you and is thinking of you. This is why I recommend you buy from Sue this holiday season. When you get a Sue original piece, you can guarantee that it was made from the heart and is a product of the love and beauty that is Sue.

Fun facts and more reasons to buy from Sue:

Sue has been doing crafts since she was a pre-teen child. She started out learning sewing and crafting from her mother.

She first became interested in portrait photography when she was in high school.

Sue went on to get her bachelor’s degree with a major in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Children’s Portraiture. She liked the idea of using photography as an ice breaker with the children.

23 years ago, Sue started taking more and more nature photography as it was an interest that her and her husband, Kenny shared.

Sue is most inspired when she comes across photographic scene or craft that she can use to make others happy.

With photography, she loves to create an image that invokes the same feelings in the viewer as it did her at the moment she took the picture. Sometimes, she will add a quote to the image to further build that connection of shared feelings between the photographer, the viewer, and the image.

Her photography is built on a wide range of skills and ideas that has been learned over many years from a wide variety of individuals and sources.

Sue’s advice to other artists is to follow your heart and do what you love. If you have to try too hard to enjoy the process, then you need to stop pursuing that, and move to something else that does connect with your heart.

Here are a few of Sue's favorite images she has created:

A few of Sue's papercraft and vinyl projects

Sue is also working on a cookbook that includes her special recipes and beautiful photography

And this is my favorite photograph of Sue's.

I want to scoop up those fluffy babies and snuggle with them while they make their cute little goslings noises.  And I want to do it while wearing this shirt that she makes.

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