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Kim Gerber

Owner of Wildlife Secrets at 

Also on Facebook at Wildlife Secrets, Wildlife Secrets Pets, and Wildlife Secrets Art for Jesus

Artist Medium: Watercolors

Why I chose to highlight Kim: 

Kim is a favorite artist and friend of mine. She always has a smile to share, a kind word, and you cannot help but feel encouraged after spending time with her. She produces quality artwork that is of some of my favorite subjects and she does it with a solid work ethic that I know people can trust. This holiday season, I recommend that you buy from Kim. She produces beautiful work that will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. You can’t go wrong with using her artwork to bless someone else this holiday season, because she can do everything from pet portraiture to beautiful landscapes. And to top it off, she has a dog that is her office assistant—adorable Enzo.

Fun facts and more reasons to buy from Kim:

Kim has been an artist her whole life. She has been drawing since she was a child, but always longed to paint the things she drew.

In 2001, she decided to take a watercolor class and she took to it like a duck takes to water. It didn’t take long for her teacher to notice that she had an affinity and skill for painting animals.

Kim is inspired by what she sees in nature. Specifically, wildlife where she sees the beauty of God’s creation.

Kim admires and styles her different aspects of her work after, longtime Charleston artist Ann Worsham Richardson who painted birds and plants, Australian painter Ken Done for his colorful paintings and business skills, and marine life artist Robert Wyland who is renowned for his large seascape murals that are rich in sea creatures.

In the past, Kim has written and illustrated a children’s book. Although she never revealed it’s title to me.

She has painted fairies from the stories she told her daughters when they were young.

Impressions of Cuba

Heavenly Stampede

She has accepted several commissions to paint portraits of people’s pets.

 She enjoys painting images that invoke emotions and a desire to know the Creator.

Her favorite piece that she has completed is this one called Heavenly Stampede. It is based on the four horses found in the book of Revelation.

Kim has some English and Spanish scripture tracts she has put together that feature her artwork. These are currently being used by mission teams going to Cuba and by churches in Cuba.

Kim is currently working on a few interesting ways to intertwine scripture into her artwork. She was showing me some exciting possibilities and I am looking forward to seeing these paintings as they are unveiled.

One of her newest products that will make great stocking stuffers is a 2019 calendar that will feature some of her watercolors. Be looking for those on her website so you can order your’s in time.

Kim’s greatest desire is to point people to God is all she does.

Kim’s advice to other artist—Pray and seek God. Then trust Him as you take one step at a time. Don’t expect success overnight, but don’t let Satan stop you either. Don’t let fear hold you back. Go for it.

This is my favorite piece of her’s, though there are several I really like. It is called, “My Piece of Heaven.” This picture makes me want to crawl into it and live in that house.

My Piece of Heaven

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