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World Water Day

22 March 2018

This picture is of a church reflected in a mud puddle. I had to lay on the ground and become quite muddy to take the picture. Laying next to the puddle was considered a bit extreme to some of my fellow photographers considering we still had a full day of photography ahead of us. For me, it was exciting because I got a picture that no one else has. However, at no point did I even think about leaning over and taking a drink from this puddle. And this puddle was relatively clean as far as puddles go. It only had normal yard debris and gravel in it since it was on a relatively quiet side street. Yet, every day around the world, there are people who depend on polluted water sources for their water. Waters polluted with things that sicken, maim, and kill them. As a matter of fact, globally approximately 2,300 people die each day from diarrhea caused from inadequate and unsanitary water and poor hand hygiene. If we were to look at that number by the number of people in some of the towns I have lived in, this is how quickly the town would be wiped out.

Burkburnett, TX              11,095 people, dead in 4.8 days

Leesburg, GA                  3,006 people, dead in 1.3 days

Pulaski, VA                      8,837 people, dead in 3.8 days

Plainsboro, NJ                20,215 people, dead in 8.7 days

North Charleston, SC    109,298 people, dead in 1.5 months

Charlotte, NC                   842,051 people, dead in 1 year

That is a lot of people who die because of something we take for granted and that we can easily fix.  That would be your family, your friends, your neighbors, you...dead because of some dirty water.  It is really sad, when you think about it.

So what do we do? As people of God, I believe we do not have the option to ignore this problem. God calls us to do what we can and then to leave the multiplying to Him. We see that from the example of the small child who was present during one of Jesus teaching times on the side of the mountain. Over 5,000 men, and possibly that many and more women and children, had spent the day listening to Jesus but were now hungry with no McDonald’s in sight. (I avoid restaurants that have charter buses outside them. I couldn’t imagine going to a McD’s trying to serve that many people! But, I digress.) A young boy was found by the disciples who had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. That is enough for him and a couple buddies to eat but that wasn’t enough to share with 5,000+ people. Yet, Jesus took that young boy’s small gift and He turned it into enough for the crowd with leftovers to spare.

If you know me, you know that I take pictures because they represent the "Wow, God!" Moments in my life. These “Wow, God!” Moments are moments when I see God at work. I want to make March 22 thru Easter Sunday, April 1 a time when we see God at work so I am stepping up and giving my small gift and I am calling on you to do the same. For every image that I sell between March 22 and April 1 that has water in the image, I will donate 50% of the profits to Water Mission

Now, take a moment to look back at the image at the top of this blog. It is a mud puddle with a church reflected in it. When I see that image, I see one that can either represent hope or rejection. What does the picture say to you? And what are you going to do about it?

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